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i recently stole something, and i have no intention of giving it back. First, some context: I am a HUGE fan of rooftops and balconies, which I imagine will be well-documented in my memoirs some day.  and despite the relatively spartan guest house I live in here, I was thrilled to find it came with a world class balcony, on the fourth floor, looking out at the surrounding campus.  So naturally I spend a good deal of my guesthousetime on the balcony, watching the scene below and pretending its my own little fiefdom.  Since the balcony did not come with a hammock, I have been using the chair that came with the room as my primary balcony sitting vessel.  here it is:

kind-of comfy chair + cushion

Its a fine chair, the woven stitching breathes nicely in the heat, and offers decent support despite lacking a premium features such as cupholders, satellite phones, or an ability to rock.  and my latest room (i’m on #3 now) came with a semi-comfy cushion to go with my just-kinda comfy chair.

but my recent good fortune (theft) has doubled my seating asset count to 2, and changed the way I preside over the balcony.  In the lobby that connects the 8 rooms in “block B,” there are a couple armchairs and a little sofa, and sometimes a few other random chairs that pop up from time to time.  fairly recently, i spied a temptingly padded blue chair that looked really nice.  here it is:

and now from the chair’s good side

so i swiped it, and immediately whisked it away to my balcony.  in no short order, it has changed my balcony user experience.  this is great because it relieves me from moving my desk chair from outside to inside and lets it stay near the desk where it belongs and feels safe.  but the new blue chair has made sitting outside immensely more enjoyable, as its plushly padded and has a little bit of reclinability to it.  so i can spend a good hour or so on the balcony, with my feet up on the rail, experiencing zero soreness and 100% more clarity of thought.

i feel a little bit guilty for swiping this comfy chair from the lobby, but it seldom gets used from what I can see, and I dont think anyone will notice.  and since i’ve been here a couple months, i think i’ve rightfully earned the comfy chair.  in fact, i’m thinking of putting a little placard on my room door that says “mayor of Block B” just to inform everyone of my seniority and tenure within the block.

i’m going to thailand for about 5 days soon, and my dilemma is whether i keep hoarding the comfy chair in my room, or return it to the lobby and risk another opportunistic resident stealing it for their own balcony loafing.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll put it back in the lobby and then just re-steal it when I get back.

I think I’ll file this observation under “Little things that give me pleasure,” a new category that i’m starting right meow after my recent triumph in acquiring a key bathroom asset, my western toilet.

and as for now I’ll continue to enjoy the spoils of being ensconced in this padded and luxurious throne, which has definitely increased my balcony loungeability time by 60-70%.

ah the joys of the little things….

this blog post was conceived and composed in its entirety from the comfy chair described above.


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