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well hello there reader (thats singular), its been a little while.  but i thought maybe perhaps we should get reacquainted, for formality’s sake.  i’ll go first – i’m brianfellows and i used to write some stuff over the last year when i was abroad in armenia and sri lanka working as a Kiva Fellow in the realm of microfinance.  then i returned to the states and brianfellows pretty much just died (he euthanized his’ self).  but it turns out he was just cryogenically frozen, awaiting his return, which I believe is going to start happening………now

well its at least rebegun with this post so far.  and i’m really going to try and be better about updating, instead of thinking about updating, maybe writing a few sentences in a draft, then waiting and never doing so.  so, reader (that would be you), i’m back abroad again, this time in the great big large & crazy india.  not unlike indiana, my new home for 2 months enjoys watching cricket matches for hours on end and being confused with ohio for where it stands on a map.  i’ll actually be doing more microfinance work in patna, bihar (northeast of india — near nepal), totally unrelated to kiva, and am here on the ground for 2 monfs – til march – or at least thats the plan as of now.

so yes, INDIA – now this is happening!


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