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i was warned before I came here that the mail could be very unreliable in armenia.  i was told that things could get held up in customs, take months, or just not arrive at all.  these words of warning all sounded like old wive’s tales to me, and I had a few very eager people in the states (ok just my mom, but whatever) to send me something from home.

so i decided to risk it and let them try and send me a package.  well its turning out to have been a big mistake.  said package was sent on something like november 16th and there is still no sign that it has arrived in the country.  i’ve gone to the post office at least 3 times (with an armenian to help) and they love to say

“no we dont have a package.”

“well can you look?”

“if we get a package we will deliver it to you”

ohhhh ok, so thats how the mail works?! thanks for describing how the process should happen.  acknowledging otherwise would be ludicrous, so helping must be out of the question.  so to go one step higher we decided to try and pursue the customs office, which apparently isnt able to communicate with the post office, or at least according to the helpful post office man who told us he couldn’t check with them.

So we called customs.  the first couple times they didnt answer.  next day, we tried again.  they gave us a number.  ok, we tried that number. another number. another number. and another.  seriously, at the end of this we had 6 telephone numbers written on the piece of paper, and at the end of the chain……surprise surprise, no answer.  What do these 6 different people do?

I probably sound like a whiny westerner complaining about this, as this isn’t uncommon in most of the world.  And i knew that going in, but i really thought it would at least arrive, if even a month or so late.  and i continue to maintain hope (take that obama!), that it will arrive before I depart from the land of stones….


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