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Everywhere I go there are snacks.  which is a wonderful motif that I highly appreciate.  I’ve been traipsing around villages and the city of Patna, getting to meet all kinds of people, sitting in lots of meetings, been to a couple workshops and info sessions, etc. etc. and everywhere i go there are copius snacking options.  little crackers, biscuits, samosas, these dry cakey tasty things (see below), this little mix that sorta tastes like rice krispies….always brought with tea.  or rather milk and sugar with a teabag added so we can call it ‘tea.’

we definitely need to bring this back to america, because the availability of little treats back home during meetings and such is definitely snlacking (yep, just did that).

this is most likely because i’m a visitor and clearly from very far away lands, so people are trying to be as hospitable as possible.  but the point is, they are already extremely hospitable and this is just habit for any sort of meeting/gathering.  and i dig it.  call me count snackula but this should be a requirement world wide in my humble and correct opinion.

Here are a few snacks i’ve encountered…

the aforementioned cakey thing, with some flat rice (i think?) below

A piece of foreign fruit, but still a snack

The aforementioned sugarmilk tea

a fun new sugary snack from just today

Ok not a snack i've found in india, but this looks really really good right now and would be an acceptable snack to receive at meetings back home


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gotcha! what once was lost, has now been found.  so after being potentially stolen by one of Carmen San Diego’s henchmen, Mt. Ararat appears to be back in place where it belongs.  The colder temperatures seem to have increased its visibility, which is nice because its quite pleasing to look at.  Although I’m not sure what I prefer, warm and sunny, or cold and araraty.  I’ll have to get back to you on this.  Two pictures below are from towns a bit outside of Yerevan, and the third is actually from Yerevan itself, in the eveningtime.

ararat from car Ararat with Cow

thar she is

also.  because it seems to be of interest, on the food and more specifically lunch topic:  I have discovered and adopted the religion of Lahmajun.


when i return to the world seeking employment, this will basically solidify my role as the picture maker in Gourmet or Bon Apetit

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve developed a nice rapport with a lady in a small shop that sells lahmajun, or Armenian pizza near my work.  I stumble over my simple phrases of ordering, but she’s always extremely friendly and wishes me a good day.  I come in about 2 or 3 times a week and order at least 2 lahmajun, and sometimes a little pastry.  I think its fairly rare to armenians to eat a lunch like this, it seems they normally have just some fruit or bread and cheese.  But I cant be sure. This lady must think I’m some lahmajun monster or something and me coming in regularly seems to amuse her as this foreigner who is obsessed with her Armenian pizza.

Also, when getting my doses of tempered prudence from Jack O via podcast, those advertisements for subway that talk about their new buffalo chicken ranch sandwich make me unhappy.  I  1) love buffalo chicken; 2) love even more ranch dressing; 3) lately have yearned for american type sandwiches.  while i dont particularly like subway, it still makes my mouth water and i get mad at myself for forgetting to fast forward through the advertisement.  perhaps I’ll pioneer the first buffalo chicken ranch lahmajun.  that would be DELICIOUS.

Lastly, as its started to get colder I find my hands always being uncomfortably not warm.  the temperatures arent all that bad, and i wouldnt say i’ve been cold per se.  but my hands are just always cold.  i’m really worried about turning into one of those glove people.  i think you know who i’m talking about (or who you are).  a glove people is someone who always seems to be unnecessarily wearing gloves, when there’s really no need to.  it just makes things weird for everyone else around.  not sure if they love to hide their hideous hands or they are legitimately cold, or if its just a way to be different and sport the coolest, latest, homeless man gloves, but i’ve definitely noticed this breed of people and find their obsession with gloves fascinating.  If you really catch a glove people in a moment of weakness, you might spot them wearing their gloves with a t shirt.  which is offputting.

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turning schwarmanese….

here is a short food dedicated post.  Everyone asks me what the food is like in Armenia.  Well, I’m still figuring all of that out.

Its been well-documented that I have a problem with taking pictures of food, so I figured it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  Here was Thursday’s lunch, standard schwarma from up the street and this other flaky pastry thing filled with meat.  Still learning the name.  It was pretty good.  All in all, a very balanced meal if I do say so myself.

this goes in my mouth about 3 days a week

this goes in my mouth about 3 days a week

Some notable things about armenian food:

  • armenians grill meat very well.  Especially beef and pork, anywhere i’ve eaten it, it has been delicious and flavorful
  • when ordering lunch once, the girl at the counter asked if i wanted something to drink (maybe even in english).  i thought I was on top of the game, and gave her my name.  she looked at me really funny and then asked again, very clearly “do you want a drink?”  i felt stupid.
  • parsley here is not a garnish.  It is a primary ingredient.  Imagine replacing a BLT with a PLT and thats about the right amount of parsleyage that you get in everything. Its a little surprising at first
  • Its hard to figure out what armenians do for lunch.  i suspect many don’t participate in it.  i’m never aware of anyone eating during the day here at work.  plus, aside from sit-down restaurants (which appear to be a once-in-a-while occasion), there are very few grab-it-and-go type options.  coming from nyc, this is a big adjustment. this is probably why I eat that picture above this sentence so often.
  • The bread here is really awesome.  There are lots of kinds, and meals come with all variations.  All are really good and i’m still discovering more types all the time

Still need to remember what this bottom mystery pastry is called:

Lots of Bread for lunch

Lots of Bread for lunch

And this is my favorite part of the day: afternoon coffee.  Its a wonderful tradition where everyone has a nice cup of Turkish coffee, which is quite strong, and quite delicious.

Turkish, I mean Armenian Coffee

Turkish, I mean Armenian Coffee

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