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Before leaving the States, a friend asked me if i was going to start dabbling in the musical genre of ‘deep techno’ while in Armenia.  I hadn’t even really considered the role of deep techno in Armenia at the time, thinking of it more as an inhabitant of 5 story dance clubs in places like prague, or the dojo where you fight morpheus.  nevertheless i decided to keep my eyes out for deep techno and see if i could make friends with it here in Yerevan.

Well, I have to report that while out and about a few weeks ago deep techno was spotted.  Its not exactly prevalent here, but one night i went with some friends to one of the more popular clubs here in Yerevan.  After walking through the black-painted double doors, it got insane.  Strobes, and sirens, and bears oh my!  Deep techno had been found.

It was pretty much as to be expected, with lots of double-raised-fist-dancing, and the the occasional guy by himself in an extra-small tshirt and fedora hopping around and doing those weird cross-step dance moves that were popular at middle school dances, in the 1990s.  And apparently, we went on the ‘international student day,’ so at 11 pm promptly, everyone started filing out for the exits.  they all had curfews and needed to be home.  after realizing this I felt immediately uncomfortable.  But I have to give credit to the people there that night.  They were entering the club with more flair than anyone I’ve ever seen.  They would storm in, go fishing for the beat, catch it, and start riding the pony a la ginuwine, slapping their imaginary tanto (and flipping the lasso) as they circled the dance floor to the bass of the deep techno.  The instantaneous transformation in enthusiasm and energy after passing through the club doors was impressive.

But the kicker was when I looked up and saw wesley snipes suspended upside-down from the rafters in a black leather trenchcoat and sunglasses with his arm cocked, holding a shiny ninja star.  I officially knew it was time to get out…


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